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An Hour of Healy Bliss 

1 Hour of Total Relaxation 


About this event

I will be leading everyone on a Guided journey to a Magical place using Hypnosis - whilst you are in this Magical Safe place you will then feel the benefit of Quantum Healy Frequencies and my Spiritual Team of Angel’s & Guides coming in to offer Healing to you on all levels, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually 😊

What are the benefits:-

A Good Night's Sleep, Stress Reduction, Feeling more uplifted and lots more besides.



Arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the advertised time - We will be starting Promptly at the advertised time. (the room will be then be locked). 

Video to be on at all times (unless you have prior permission) - if this is not adhered to you will be removed from the Meditation.

Please ensure all Phones are on silent and that you will not be disturbed while you take time out for YOU.


No Alcohol.


A blanket maybe needed (can get cold )

Tissues to hand (can get emotional)

Glass of water to bring you around 😊

If you enjoy the experience and want more - I will be holding private parties on Zoom or 1-1 Zoom Sessions available - contact me for more details 💜

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