What clients are saying....

Having suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 25 years, pain, inflammation and other symptoms associated with this condition have been a debilitating, constant in my life. As a believer in alternative therapies I was intrigued when Kay told me about Old Pain2Go and wondered if this could really work. Well the answer to that is an astounding YES! After one short session with Kay, the pain in my joints had gone and over the next couple of hours the swelling visibly reduced, my dry, itchy eyes stopped itching and my energy levels began to rise. Amazing but it didn't stop there. I haven't slept through a whole night for years but after my 'treatment' I slept a whole, blissful 8 hours and didn't wake once! Not only do I feel well and energized, I feel confident that I don't need to keep popping pills to help me get through the day. I highly recommend Kay and this therapy to anyone that needs help with all types of conditions and to any sceptics I would say 'give it a go and see for yourself!'. Thank you Kay this treatment is a life changer.


Update – 12 months on and still no pain, I also sleep 8 hrs an night and I have lost over a stone in weight !!


Ms C Keighley, West Yorkshire 

A long story short, after suffering from Throbbing toothache for over 6 months and the thought of having to wait another 3 weeks for dental treatment, the thought of it was getting me down.   After a visit about another matter and mentioning it in passing.  I am delighted to say the toothache went there and then  together with the Backache I was also suffering from.  Totally Flabbergasted. (Old Pain2Go)

Mrs S - Keighley

After being exposed to several therapies whilst travelling , I returned home determined to follow up and how great to arrive home to find a highly skilled practitioner on my doorstep ( well nearly ) …… Kay has a very warm and friendly style with a true down to earth approach. Kay has a wide arrange of skills which she intuitively uses to provide the best solutions as needed. I have worked with Kay for nearly 9 months and explored many areas of "within" with tremendous personal growth. The healing has been profound, with many rocks being taken out of my emotional rucksack of life for this I am very grateful - happily bouncing along now.

If you have reached this page then you should take the next step and contact Kay - I couldn't recommend her more highly. A unique experience is guaranteed.  The Body & Emotion Code.


Mr H - Goole

After mentioning to Kay how terrified I was of Spiders, Toy Spiders anything related to Spiders, she asked if I would like to try E.F.T. which she advised was excellent for treating Phobias.

Kay spent approximately 45 minutes showing me how to do the Tapping Rounds on myself whilst working on my Spider problem, I left her house feeling calm, relaxed and stress free even after looking at a spider picture.

The ha ha moment came when I was stood in my tiny kitchen and I spotted a Spider on the floor. At this point I would have run out screaming and freaking out asking my partner to get rid of it. This just did not happen, I was in fact calm and relaxed and I just left it to do its own thing !!

Since then I have been able to get close to them, look at pictures and when I was involved in a prank with a Toy Spider I did not run off screaming.

I Would recommend this treatment to anyone with a phobia!!! My family and friends can't believe that I am no longer terrified!!

Thank you Kay xxxx

Miss D T - Bradford

A couple of weeks ago I had a very stiff neck and shoulder blade on left hand side and was in a lot of pain. I called Kay for healing on it, she came round to my house and we talked about it first, then she did Reiki and massage on the affected pain area. Wow, Kay is magical and amazing as instantly I was relieved from pain and I was able to move my neck freely. And then the next day I had completely free flowing movement. She totally cured it and I have never had any trouble with it since. Thank youuuu so so much Kay. You are amazing and magical.

Ms L R  - Otley