What isTrance Healing ?

Trance Healing is where I, the Medium go into an Altered State of Consciousness (Deep Meditation) and make a connection to the Spirit World. It is at this stage I ask for the Help of the Doctors, Nurses, Angels and my Spirit Helpers to draw close and assist with your healing. I stay seated in my arm chair so no Physical contact is made during the healing.

What happens ?

On arrival, I will ask you to sit down and ask me any questions or concerns that you may have before we start.

After that I will ask you to get cosy on your recliner chair, with a snuggly throw.

I will then proceed to play some relaxing music where we both close our eyes and I invite my wonderful spirit team to come in and carry out the relaxing Healing. 


The Healing works on what is needed the most whether it be Physical, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual.  

Spiritual Healing Session -  male healer

This Healing will not cause harm or disruption to any medication that you may be taking, it can only help, never harm. Trance Healing is an alternative therapy and in no way, should go against any advice from your doctor. There are also no Guarantees or Miracle cures offered. You are responsible for your own Personal Well Being too.

What will I Feel?


Trance Healing works on all levels from Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual. The Spirit World are Intelligent and know exactly what you need when you visit. You will not have the same healing experience twice. 


Clients often report feeling ultra-relaxed and light as if they have been anaesthetized, others feel warm, cold & hot depending on the healing. You may also feel tingly sensations over your body and movement over physical injuries including old ones. Occasionally clients feel nothing at all but be rest assured the healing is taking place. This healing will also continue for days to come which is totally natural.

How long will it take?


This all depends on what Healing the Spirit World wishes to carry out on you. The session can last between 20 minutes to 1 hour. I am brought back from my Trance when their work has been done.

Do I need another session?


Again, this is suggested and recommended by the Spirit World (I have no control), at the end of the Session I can ask them for you.  Please note they may wish you to have time to process the healing and there could be a length of time in between, which can vary between one Week to a Month.

What happens after?


As mentioned above the Healing continues for a few more days. Straight after the Healing your vibration will have been raised but everyone does react differently, some people feel deeply relaxed, others wiped out, or you can be bursting with energy. I would strongly recommend that you take it easy for the next 24 hrs after and drink plenty of water/fluids and abstaining from alcohol for a couple of days too.