This Package includes the following:-


1 x Full Body Code Assessment (1 Hr)  checking how your Body is functioning and a report is emailed.  This involves checking for how many Heartwalls you may have, if you have any Curses.  It checks also to see if all your organs are happy, if you have toxic overload, if you need any Nutritional or de-toxification and too many to mention :-) It there is anytime at the end I will make a start removing your blockages.


7 x 1 Hour Sessions either Face to Face, Skype or Telephone - Removing your blockages.  


* Please note that this will not guarantee to clear your Heart Wall totally and you may need more sessions - this depends on how quickly your Sub-Conscious is willing to release.  Also please be advised that you need processing time between sessions which could be 2 to 3 weeks - again depending how big the Emotions that you released in the last session.

Package 1 Heart Wall Removal - 8 x 1 hour Sessions.

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